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Advancing Times, Dying Art

Art is poetry in colours. It transports you to a place far away, multi-hued, full of bliss and thoughtfulness. Art, since time immemorial has preserved and evolved cultures. The current picture, however, is a grim reality that hits you hard in the face. Our age old traditions are breathing a laboured life in today’s fast paced world of technological advancements. 

Gond Paintings: A Mystic World Created by Dots and Lines

The word Gond comes from the Dravidian expression kond , meaning green mountain. The Gonds were the ruling class in many parts of Central India in the14th century. Gond rajas, or kings, ruled until they were conquered by Muslim armies and were forced to flee into the thick 

Breathing Life Into a 4000 Year Old Metallurgical Marvel : Dhokra

That the Dancing Girl of Mohenjodaro has stirred the imaginations of many archaeologists over the centuries with its striking appearance and diminutive, yet bold and enigmatic charisma, is no secret.While no one has been able to decode the Indus Valley script till date 

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