Hand Felted Kashmiri Namda Woollen Meditation / Yoga Rug

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Hand Felted Kashmiri Namda Woollen Meditation / Yoga Rug. An exquisite home accessory, this beautiful, handcrafted rug will always be a prized possession, and lovely as a base for meditation or perhaps, even yoga. Namda or felt making is a popular craft practiced in parts of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan. It is believed that felt making was introduced to India from Iran and Turkey around the 14th century, during the Mughal era. Namda rugs are felted carpets woven from pure sheep wool and sometimes blended with cotton in different compositions that impacts the a warmth and thickness of the rug. A Namda rug is created with individual layers of the wool or cotton placed on top of each other and flattened together. There are normally at least three layers placed upside down, with the upper most layer placed first, followed by the others. The process involves spreading a layer, sprinkling it with water, and pressing it with the ‘Pinjra’ tool normally used by the craftsman for this purpose. Each layer is placed, adjusted and flattened into a uniform size and shape using the same water and compression technique. This layered wool is rolled tightly from one end, thereby squeezing out all the extra water. The rug is then washed with a strong cleaning agent, before it is dried and ready to be embroidered by the women folk with the beautiful and colourful traditional Kashmiri ‘Aari’ embroidery. These days the rugs are also made with patterned wool.

  • Material : Wool
  • Craft : Carpet Weaving
  • State : Jammu & Kashmir
  • Colour : Beige & Brown
  • Product weight : 4 ft x 3 ft - 1300 grams; 3 ft x 2 ft – 1000 grams; 2 ft x 2 ft – 800 grams
  • Special Attention : Handcrafted. Please Allow For Minor Crafting Defects. Images are representative for all sizes for design purposes only. Please follow size chart for actual proportions
  • Shipping Info : Dispatched in a maximum of 35 business days. Returns accepted within 12 days of delivery
  • UOM : Piece

Dry clean recommended