Bhujodi Handwoven Fine Pure Wool Stole

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A lovely, ethnic warm stole that is a perfect winter accessory, with its signature rustic Bhujodi appeal.The legacy of Bhujodi weaving goes back several hundred years. Sheep wool for the yarn is mostly locally sourced while Merino wool is imported from Australia for the upper end products. The wool is first segregated according to colour and yarn is then generated from the fibre on the local ‘Charkha’. The yarn is then dyed to desired into desired colours and then woven into handloom fabric, using the extra-weft technique of weaving. Most colours used are from natural sources like Indigo leaves pomegranate skin, petals of the Palash flower Onion skin, babul leaves and so on. Synthetic colours are used only in cases where necessary. The time involved can range from a week to as long as six months, depending on the complexity of the design. Until just about a few decades ago, Bhujodi products were mostly patronised by the Ahirs, or the local farming community, and the Rabaris, while today they are in high demand in domestic and international markets.

  • Material : Fine Wool
  • Craft : Wool Weaving & Embroidery
  • State : Gujarat
  • Colour : Teal Blue
  • Measurements :  Length - 2.0 m x Width - 60cm
  • Product weight : 300 grams
  • Special Attention : Handcrafted. Kindly allow for minor crafting defects.
  • Shipping Info : Dispatched in a maximum of 6 business days. Returns accepted within 12 days of delivery
  • UOM : Piece

Gentle hand wash. Dryclean recommended