Handmade Ajrakh Cloth Covered Diary (Set of 2)

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Handmade Ajrakh Cloth Covered Diary (Set of 2). Sindh is the actual birthplace of Ajrak cloth. Ajrak has been in Sindh since the era of Mohenjodaro, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, or even before that. In Arabic, Ajrak means blue or indigo. Which is dominantly used in Ajrak printing and hence the word. Also, Sindh was traditionally a large producer of indigo and cotton cloth. Traditionally, the fabric would be about 2.5 to 3 meters long. Men used it as a turban, a cummerbund, and wrapped it around the shoulders. Women used it as a dupatta or as a shawl. It is patterned in intense jewel like colors. The dominant colors are rich crimson and a deep indigo. A little bit of white and black is also used to give definition to the geometric patterns. Ajrak colors come out the best on cotton fabric. These days silk is also used. As wood absorbs the color better and more uniformly, only wooden blocks are used in Ajrak printing

  • Material : Cloth / Handmade Paper
  • Craft : Ajrakh Block Printing
  • State : Gujarat
  • Measurements : Large (Height -.5"x Length - 8.3" x Width - 5.5") ; Small (Height- 5" x Length - 5.5" x Width - 4.3")
  • Product weight : 600 grams
  • Shipping Info : Dispatched in a maximum of 6 business days. This item is not eligible for return.
  • UOM : Set of 2

Keep away from dust. Wipe with a soft dry cloth.