Phad Art - Cookie Box, Large

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Phad Art - Cookie Box, Large - Beautifully painted Phad art on Tin box, perfect as a cookie jar, a utility box or just a curio. The Phad Art form originated in Rajasthan, and was created traditionally on a lengthy piece of cloth known as the Phad to illustrate and recount historic scenes and episodes of Rajasthan, mostly as a story telling medium.It is said that it saw its origin in the first half of the past century. The Phads vividly illustrate the accounts of locally revered deities, namely Devanarayan and Pabuji as well as of great Rajasthani heroes.

  • Material : Tin
  • Craft :  Phad Art
  • State :  Rajasthan
  • Measurements :  Height - 8.5" x Width - 3"
  • Product weight : 1600 grams
  • Shipping Info : Dispatched in a maximum of 6 business days. Returns accepted within 12 days of delivery.
  • UOM : Pieces