Tanjore Painting with Frame - Annapakshi (Small)

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Tanjore Painting with Frame - Annapakshi (Small). Thanjavur or Tanjore painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which gained prominence from the town of Thanjavur. The art form originated during 1600 AD, a period when the Navakas of Thanjavur under the suzerainty of the Vijayanagara Rayas encouraged art and painting of chiefly Hindu religious subjects in temples. The art form is distinguished by its famous gold coating. Thanjavur paintings are characterised by rich, flat and vivid colors, simple iconic composition, glittering gold foils overlaid on delicate but extensive gesso work and inlay of glass beads and pieces or very rarely precious and semi-precious gems. Essentially serving as devotional icons, the subjects of most paintings are Hindu gods, goddesses, and saints.

  • Material : Cloth / Wood
  • Craft :  Tanjore Art
  • State :  Tamil Nadu
  • Colour :  Multicoloured
  • Measurements : Height - 12.5" x Width - 10.5"
  • Product weight :  1300 grams
  • Shipping Info :  Dispatched in a maximum of 21 business days. Returns accepted within 12 days of delivery.
  • UOM : Pieces

Wipe with soft cloth.