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Discounts & Promotions - The India Craft House

Occasionally, Nirvana Crafthouse Pvt. Ltd. or www.theindiacrafthouse.com will offer select products on discounts and promotions to give an advantage to our customers. These offers do not affect the fair price our artisans and craftsmen are paid for their products, who have already been paid in full. Such discounts are an attempt on our part to reward out growing and loyal customer base.

Discounts and promotions are available for purchases made on our website only.

While during certain periods there may be general sales on different products on our website, for certain offers, coupon codes may be provided to customers. In order to avail of these discounts, customers are requested to enter in the coupon code in the relevant box at the check-out stage of the final order.

Discounts and promotions do not apply to the purchase of gift cards or their redemption, and only the full price of the products shall apply while using gift cards to purchase products.

We may offer a discount on a range of product categories for a limited period of time. All discounts are provided at the discretion of Nirvana Crafthouse Pvt Ltd or www.theindiacrafthouse.com, and may be on particular payment methods only -as may be listed on the website from time to time. The details of any seasonal or festive special sales are provided on the website from time to time.

Free shipping offers are also provided by Nirvana Crafthouse Pvt. Ltd or www.theindiacrafthouse.com from time to time, but such offers may require a minimum purchase amount and minimum weight in volume or product weight whichever is higher. However, despite free shipping for ordinary deliveries, some items may require oversized shipping charges which may not be covered in such offers. Such oversize shipping charges, if any, will be listed under ‘delivery charges’ prior to final checkout of your order.

Free shipping offers do not apply to addresses outside of India.

Coupon codes may not be combined with free shipping offers, additional coupons, or other discounts. At any time, a customer may avail of only one promotional offer on a specific product.

While we endeavor to provide the best possible prices to our customers, we also seek to ensure that our artisans and craftsmen are adequately compensated for their work and therefore Nirvana Crafthouse Pvt Ltd or www.theindiacrafthouse.com reserves the right to change or modify any discounts/sales on offer for its products. The price of any product at the final payments stage after discounts, if any, is the final price of the product and is not subject to any negotiations.


Nirvana Crafthouse Pvt. Ltd. www.theindiacrafthouse.comis a 100% Indian owned entity and is based on a stock-and-sell model. All products sold are stocked in our warehouse in Gurgaon, Haryana, India and shipped directly to customers, and therefore the rules pertaining to regulation of discounts on online marketplaces as per the Consolidated FDI Policy, 2015 of the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, and particularly Press Note. 3 (of 2016 series) are not applicable to Nirvana Crafthouse Pvt. Ltd. www.theindiacrafthouse.com.

Updated May 2020

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