Fair Trade

Nirvana Crafthouse Pvt. Ltd. or www.theindiacrafthouse.com was set up with the exclusive objective of creating a global marketing platform for the poor artisans and craftsmen from across the Indian sub-continent. The effort is to ensure that the artisans are guaranteed to receive the fair and correct price for their works of art and craft.

To this end, The India Craft House works closely with smaller NGO’s, larger Craft organisations like the Dastkari Haat Samiti and directly with artisans and craftsmen as well.

We are committed to ensure we meet the fair-trading standards we have set for ourselves. We believe that long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships are the key to success, both between ourselves and our customers as well as between ourselves and our suppliers. We do not believe there is a conflict of interest between protecting the long-term interests of our customers, and ensuring the welfare of those at the base of the value chain.

We realize that to create an environment in which these standards can be upheld, we need to provide the economic incentive required to make a fair-trade code sustainable and profitable for our suppliers. We, therefore, maintain that:

  • Our buying practices should not hinder the standards mentioned above
  • We provide advance payments where needed, based on agreed conditions between us and our suppliers
  • Our cost and price models are worked out equitably between us and our suppliers
  • Our rejection policy is transparent and fair
  • We develop transparent and accountable relationships with suppliers through regular meetings and discussions
  • We seek long-term trading relationships over short-term profit
  • Our associates work tirelessly to assist our suppliers in increasing their skills and improving their practices through technical assistance with production methods, working conditions, business practices and product development

We endeavour to provide all our partner artisans and craftsmen better work conditions, access to a larger marketplace and a fairer price for their products.

At the same time, we endeavour to provide customers around the world the opportunity to purchase handmade arts and crafts from the length and breadth of India, which are unique in design and style, at the convenience of a click.

Updated May 2020

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